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Homemade Dog Food
Yummy homemade!!!
The Palace's special homemade wet food is made with chicken thighs, brown rice, carrots and either green beans or broccoli. While some people feed their dogs table scraps, usually meat, our homemade is a much healthier choice because the carrots and broccoli cook with the meat and absorb the juices so the dogs even love the veggies! The food comes frozen and sells for $4.00.
Please call ahead to order for take home. Or let us know if you would like your dog treated to homemade while boarding with us.
Dog With Empty Food Bowl
Soooo good! But all gone :(
Dog Playing With Blue Toy
"I'd rather eat Palace cookies!"
The key to your dog’s overall health is through the digestive system. According to "The Whole Dog Journal" there is nothing more nutritious and healthful for dogs than a home-prepared diet containing fresh, human-quality ingredients. And most dogs prefer homemade food over dry or canned. The aroma and flavor of dry or canned diets do not match that of homemade. If you don't have the time or interest for home preparation, we offer our homemade dog food and cookies for sale. 
We make our homemade gourmet dog food and cookies from scratch on a daily basis. Our dog cookies are so delicious that many of our human customers eat them! Customers tell us their dogs refuse other treats and hold out for the Palace cookies.  
Every lucky dog boarding overnight at the Pooch Palace gets homemade cookies at bedtime.  Our delicious dog cookies are made with peanut butter, pumpkin, oats, and whole wheat flour. The cookies are substantially sized, keep fresh for a couple of weeks and freeze well. 35 cookies $10 or 12 for $5
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